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The x3270 prompt is the command-line interface to the x3270 family. It looks like this:


More precisely, the prompt is the name of the emulator, followed by a > character. All variants of x3270 (except pr3287) support a prompt.

Getting to the prompt


In x3270, the prompt appears in a separate window, though the menu option File -> x3270> prompt.

c3270 and wc3270

In c3270 and wc3270, the prompt is integral to the main window. The display switches between the connected host session and the prompt. To switch to the prompt while connected, select File -> c3270> prompt or enter one of the following key sequences:

Ctrl-a, e (c3270 only)

You can also start a prompt in a second window with the Prompt() action.


In wx3270, the prompt appears in a separate window. Right-click on the actions button and select wc3270> prompt, or select wx3270> from the Actions tab of the actions window.

s3270 and tcl3270

In s3270 and tcl3270, the prompt appears in a separate window. Execute the Prompt() action to create it.


Entering actions

At the prompt, you can enter an action and parameters, in x3270 action syntax. You should also be able to recall previous actions with the cursor up and down keys.

The output of the action, if any, will be displayed, along with a new prompt.

If the action fails, its output will be in red. The prompt is generally displayed in blue.


Exiting the x3270 prompt is done in two ways.

c3270 and wc3270 (integral with the main window)

If connected to a host, just press Return with no action specified and the window will switch to the active session.

Others (separate window)

Close the window using a control on the window border.

Enter just the character / and press Return.

Append / to the action and parameters you want to execute. When the action completes, the window will close.


Query the host code page.

wx3270> query codepage
bracket sbcs gcsgid 697 cpgid 37

Enter a bad query.

wx3270> query blah
Query: Unknown parameter

Send a Clear AID and close the prompt window.

wx3270> clear/

Close the window.

 wx3270> /