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A profile is a file containing a collection of settings and connections. Each connection shares common settings with the other connections in the profile.

By default, wx3270 profiles are stored in a folder called wx3270 in the user's Documents folder. Additional folders can be created and existing folders can be added to the set that are displayed on the profile window. It is also possible to import a wc3270 session file and convert it into a wx3270 profile.

When wx3270 is started for the first time after installation, it creates a default profile called Base.

Profiles are created and modified via the profile window.

The name of the current profile is displayed in the window title.

Library folder

There is also a Library folder created as part of the wx3270 installation. The Library folder contains two utility profiles:

Local Processes
A collection of local processes, such as cmd.exe and PowerShell, to connect to.
ASCII sites
Some examples of text-based sites on the Web.

It also includes two keyboard map templates, which can be merged into any profile via drag-and-drop:

Maps the right Ctrl key onto the Enter() action.
Right to left
Adds keymap entries for right-to-left languages.

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