Wx3270/Operator Information Area

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The wx3270 Operator Information Area contains the following fields, from left to right:

Text Mode
4A TN3270 3270
4B? TN3270E unbound
4B TN3270E 3270
Message area
An X indicates a locked keyboard.
Text Meaning
No host session
Waiting for name resolution to complete
Waiting for TCP connection to complete
Waiting for TELNET negotiation to complete
Waiting for TN3270E negotiation to complete
Waiting for proxy negotiation to complete
Waiting for the host to format the screen (create an input field)
Reconnect operation in progress
Awaiting completion of a Query Reply
Waiting for the host to unlock the keyboard
Command acknowledged; waiting for the host to unlock the keyboard
Keyboard unlock delay active
Display is scrolled back
Operator error: attempt to modify a protected field
Operator error: attempt to insert into a full field
Operator error: attempt to place non-numeric character into a numeric field
Operator error: invalid DBCS operation
Invalid AID in current mode
Keyboard disabled while script is running
Miscellaneous indications
Except where noted, these indicators are blank unless the condition is active.
Symbol Meaning
C… Chord in progress, waiting for second key
A Alt key is pressed
Shift key is pressed
α APL mode
T Typeahead is buffered
Insert mode
🖶 Printer session active
n Screen tracing active
Digit 0-9 if less than 10 screens traced
+ if 10 or more screens traced
s Script active
R Reverse-input mode

TLS state (always visible when connected):
Green if host is verified
Yellow if host is not verified
Red if connection is not secure

LU name
The logical unit name indicated by the host during TELNET negotiation.
If the showTiming resource is true, this indicates how long the emulator waited for the host to respond to the last AID. It also appears when a pending connection takes more than one second to complete.
Cursor position
Row and column, with 001/001 at the upper left.