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How to run the Windows installer for wx3270.

Installer options

The Windows installer for wx3270 uses Inno Setup. Complete documentation for the command-line options is here.

Options of interest are:

Run the installer without user interaction
Install only specific components
Perform only specific install tasks

By default, all components are installed. The components are:

Component File Definition
base wx3270.exe Interactive emulator
b3270.exe Emulator back-end
x3270if.exe Scripting interface and wx3270> prompt
pr3287.exe Printer emulator
TraceHelper.exe Trace file viewer
Python Interface library for Python scripts
Library Folder containing keymap libraries
a270.ttf 3270 font
x3270is x3270is.dll Scripting interface DLL, registered with COM

By default, all tasks are performed. The tasks are:

Task Definition
desktopicons Create desktop shortcut for wx3270

Notes for installing as SYSTEM

To install wc3270 as the SYSTEM user, which does not have any per-user special folders, you must disable the desktopicons task by specifying the following option: