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The wx3270 installer performs the following tasks:

  • Installs the executable programs.
  • Associates the .wx3270 suffix (used for session files) with the program.
  • Installs the x3270is scripting interface library.
  • Creates a desktop shortcut.
  • Launches wx3270 help in a browser window.

Command-line options

The wx3270 installer is based on Inno Setup. Complete Help for command-line options is here.

For a completely unattended set-up, use the command-line options /SP- and /VERYSILENT.

To limit the installation, the following options may be used:

The components are base (the bulk of wx3270) and x3270is (the x3270is script interface library). To avoid installing x3270is, specify /COMPONENTS base.
The only defined task is desktopicon. To avoid creating a desktop icon, specify /TASKS "".