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wx3270 option settings

Allows various wx3270 options to be modified. In the upper right-hand corner is a preview of what various screen elements will look like with the selected options.


Allows the selection of a 3278 (monochrome) or 3279 (color) display.


Selects the opacity of the main window. A 100% opaque window completely blocks other windows behind it. Lesser opacities allow more of those windows and the desktop background to show through.

Screen size

Allows the screen size (number of rows and columns) to be selected.

The top combo box selects the basic 3270 model. Below that, the Oversize checkbox allows larger screens to be configured.

Terminal name

This selects the terminal name string sent when the host requests the TELNET terminal type. By default, this string is constructed according to the TN2370 and TN3270E RFCs, indicating the model number and extended mode. (If an oversize display is configured, the default name is IBM-DYNAMIC.)

The Override checkbox allows the default string to be overridden.

The Extended mode checkbox controls whether the -E suffix is added to the default terminal name. The extended suffix indicates that the emulator supports structured fields in the 3270 data stream protocol.


If set, text will be displayed in uppercase. Note that this is a display option only; text entered from the keyboard will still be in lowercase if it is entered in lowercase.
If set, wx3270 will buffer certain keystrokes while the host is busy processing an AID. (This corresponds to the typeahead resource.
If set, wx3270 will periodically send a TELNET NOP (no operation) negotiation to the host, indicating to the host that the session is still alive. (This corresponds to setting the nopSeconds resource to 30.
Show timing
If set, wx3270 will measure the amount of time it takes for the host to process each AID and display it in the Operator Information Area. (This corresponds to the showTiming resource.
Default to insert mode
If set, the terminal will always be in insert mode, even when the Reset key is pressed. (This corresponds to the alwaysInsert resource).
Scroll bar
If set, the scroll bar will be displayed.


Selects a block cursor (a cursor that covers the entire character cell).
Selects an underscore cursor (a line beneath the character cell).
If set, a crosshair will be displayed -- a purple lines extending vertically from the left edge of the cursor position and horizontally from the bottom edge of the cursor position, to the edges of the screen.
If set, the cursor will blink. The cursor stops blinking when the wx3270 window loses focus.

Host code page

Selects the host code page. Code pages can be selected by name or by number.


Printer name
Selects the Windows printer used for screen printing and pr3287 sessions.
pr3287 options
Specifies additional options passed to pr3287 sessions.
pr3287 code page
Specifies the host code page to be used by pr3287 sessions. The default is to use the same host code page as wx3270.

Description and window title

Profile description
Specifies a string that is displayed when the mouse hovers over this profile in the profiles window.
Window title
Overrides the window title. By default, the title displays the profile and host session names.

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