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wx3270 3270 keypad map
wx3270 apl keypad map

This tab allows the wx3270 pop-up keypad to be configured.

Editing procedure

Select which keypad you wish to edit: 3270 or APL.

Click on one of the keys, which will highlight. Select the modifiers that should apply, using the checkboxes to the right. For example, to change the behavior of the PF1 key, but only when the Alt key is held down on the keyboard, select the Alt checkbox.

Modify the Text (the label displayed on the key) and the Text size, if you wish. The labels on the keys will change as various combinations of modifiers are pressed on the keyboard. For example, in the default configuration, the label on the PF1 key changes from PF1 to PF13 when the Shift key is pressed on the keyboard.

Finally, click on the Actions text box to define or change the set of actions associated with the key. This will cause the Macro Editor to pop up.

You can modify the background image displayed on the keycap with the Background image radio buttons.

You can also use the Delete button to remove the definition.

Other settings

The initial position that the keypad can be configured with the Initial keypad position radio buttons:

Centered over the main window.
To the left of the main window.
To the right of the main window.

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