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wx3270 3278 color settings

Allows configuration of the wx3270 display colors used in 3278 (monochrome) mode. Monochrome mode is selected on the Options tab.

Color scheme

The color scheme section allows the overall color scheme to be configured:

Green on black
The classic 3278 display colors.
Green on white
A white background.
Some other color combination (selected via Host colors below).


The preview section displays how various fields would be displayed with the selected colors.

Host colors

This section allows text colors to be configured.

Screen Background
The screen background.
Normal text.
Intensified text (fields with the Intensified attribute set).

There is also a selection box to modify how the text samples are displayed (against the background color or against the color used for selected text).

Other colors

This section allows additional colors to be configured.

Selection Background
The color used for the background of text selected with the mouse.
Crosshair Cursor
The color used to draw the crosshair cursor, which is selected on the Options tab.

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