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wx3270 Macros window

A macro is a named list of actions that can be executed as needed. A set of macros can be stored in each wx3270 profile.

The wx3270 Macros window allows macros to be created, edited, displayed and run.


The window displays the macros defined in the current profile.

Double-clicking on one of the entries causes that macro to be run.

Right-clicking on one of the entries brings up a context menu that allows the selected macro to be edited, deleted or run.

The order of the entries can be modified using drag and drop: click and hold an entry, then drag it to the desired location in the list.

Main Buttons

+ New
Defines a new macro, using the macro editor.
⏺ Record
Creates a new macro using the macro recorder.
X Delete
Deletes the selected macro.
Edits the selected macro, using the macro editor.
Executes the selected macro.

Lower Buttons

↶ (Undo)
Reverts the most recent change.
↷ (Redo)
Reverts the most recent Undo.
? (Help)
Opens a browser window on this page.