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wx3270 macro editor

The Macro Editor allows macros (sequences of actions) to be edited.



At the top is the name of the macro. This may or may not be modifiable, depending on the context. (For example, when defining a macro entry from the macros window, you must choose a name for your macro.)

Macro text

Below that is a text box where you can edit the macro's contents. The macro consists of actions, using formal action syntax, one per line. Comment lines can be included; they begin with a # character.

Code snippets

Below the macro editing area are code snippets, which are shortcuts for inserting commonly-used actions into the macro.

The snippet labeled Script is special. It brings up a menu that allows the selection of various kinds of scripts to create:

Python 3 script
Creates a Python 3 script with example commands.
PowerShell script
Creates a PowerShell script with example commands.
Creates a VBScript script with example commands.
Creates a JScript script with example commands.
Inserts a generic Script() action snippet.

The snippet labeled Source pops up a file selector dialog.

Action buttons

At the bottom are a series of buttons to perform actions related to the macro:

Edit @
If the cursor in the macro text box is over a Script() action, pops up an editor on the script being invoked. If the cursor is over a Source() action, pops up a text editor for the parameter.
⏺ Record
Starts the macro recorder to create the set of actions.
Saves the new or modified macro.
Abandons any edits made so far.
Help ?
Displays help for this window.