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wx3270 keyboard display

This window displays an image of a keyboard, allowing a key and modifiers to be selected. The image is of a generic 101-key keyboard. Your keyboard may be arranged differently, of course.

For help with concepts like modifiers, scan codes, key codes and chords, please refer to the help for keymap settings.

The simplest way to select a key is to press that key, along with any modifiers desired, on the physical keyboard. Otherwise, you can select modifiers and modes and then click on the image of the key you would like to select.

Display modes

The Display box allows the display mode to be selected.

Each key is displayed with its label, as it appears on the physical keyboard. wx3270 does not know what your keyboard looks like, so this is a guess based on a generic keyboard layout and the current Windows keyboard. Note that the key labels may change when the Windows keyboard changes.
Scan codes
Each key is displayed with its scan code, a hexadecimal number representing the physical key location. Scan codes do not change when the Windows keyboard changes.
Key codes
Also called keysyms, these are the Windows symbolic names for each key. They are similar to the key labels, but they are fixed English-language names used by the Windows OS. These names may change (shift around) when the Windows keyboard changes.
wx3270 definition
Each key is displayed with the wx3270 action(s) performed when it is pressed.


This affects the display of wx3270 definitions only.

Selects the chord (first key of a two-key sequence) to display. When a chord other than None is chosen, each key shows the wx3270 actions performed when that key is pressed as the second key of a two-key sequence.

Modifiers and Mode

These checkboxes affect the display of wx3270 definitions only.

These checkboxes specify the modifiers that qualify the key. That is, wx3270 can have different mappings based on which modifier(s) are pressed with the key, and based on which mode the emulator is in.

Shift, Ctrl, Alt
The Shift, Ctrl or Alt keys.
Num Lock
The numeric lock condition, toggled by the NumLock key.
wx3270 APL mode.
wx3270 NVT mode.
wx3270 3270 mode.