wx3270/Command-line options

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The syntax for wx3270 is:

wx3270 [option]... [hostname [port]]

If a hostname and optional port are specified on the command line, a corresponding connection will be automatically added to the current profile, if needed. The name of the connection will be the hostname, optionally followed by a space and the port.

Here is a summary of wx3270 command-line options. The table columns are:

The name and syntax of the option. For most options, there is a hyperlink to a page with further details.
A summary of what the option does.
The default value of the option.
Additional information about the option.


Option Meaning Default Notes
-allow operation[,...] Allow specific restricted operations
-console Attach a console at start-up
-culture culture-name Override the system culture
-dumplocalization file-name Dump the localization database to a file
-edit Open the profile in edit mode (no auto-connect) Requires -profile option
-host host-name Connect to specific host in the profile
-httpd [address:]port Listen for HTTP requests on port
-location x,y Initial window position
-noborder Remove the window border
-nobuttons Remove the menu bar
-noprofile Do not use a profile
-noscrollbar Remove the scroll bar
-nowatch Do not watch the folder containing the profile
-profile profile-path Use the specified profile instead of the default Documents\wx3270\Base.wx3270
-readonly Do not store config changes in the profile
-readwrite Exit unless the profile can be opened in read/write mode
-restrict operation[,...] Allow all but the specified restricted operations
-ro Alias for -readonly
-scriptport [address:]port Listen for s3270 protocol connections on port
-scriptportonce* Accept only one -scriptport connection
-topmost Make wx3270 the topmost window
-trace* Start back-end command and data stream tracing at start-up
-uitrace Start GUI tracing at start-up Implies -trace option
-utf8* Use UTF-8 encoding for all I/O
-v Display version information and then exit

(*) Link to b3270 resource page. This option is passed directly through to the b3270 back end, setting that resource to true.