Why don't ^C, ^V and F11 work right on Windows 10?

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Why don't ^C, ^V and F11 work on Windows 10?


Windows 10 consoles include new functionality that overrides some of the features in wc3270. Windows 10 processes ^C, ^V and F11 itself, and wc3270 never sees them.

When wc3270 creates (or re-creates) a new desktop shortcut, it is supposed to turn this off, but the method originally used in wx3270 to change this option broke with subsequent releases of Windows 10. This has since been corrected (in wc3270 4.0ga11), but there is no automatic process to correct the behavior of existing desktop shortcuts created under earlier versions of Windows or by earlier versions of wc3270.

To correct this manually:

  1. Click on the terminal icon in the upper-left hand corner of the wc3270 window.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. In the dialog, select the Options tab.
  4. Make sure the following two options are not checked: Console-properties.png
  5. Click OK.