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wc3270 is an interactive IBM 3270 emulator for Microsoft Windows that runs in a Windows Console.

wc3270 main window

How do I configure and run it?

wc3270 is generally managed using the wc3270 Session Wizard. The Session Wizard allows you to define and edit sessions, which are files containing configuration information to connect to one host. You do not normally need to edit these files by hand. They are kept in the sub-folder wc3270 under your Documents folder. The Session Wizard can optionally create a shortcut on your desktop for each of your wc3270 sessions. Double-clicking on the shortcut starts up a Windows Console window running the session. You can also double-click on any wc3270 session file to get the same effect.

wc3270 can also be run directly from the Windows command prompt, but be aware that the window with your command prompt may not have the right dimensions or font to properly run a wc3270 session. Note that wc3270 does not run properly on Windows Terminal.

wc3270 also allows a number of options to be changed from menus, key combinations and at the wc3270> prompt, but these changes are not saved -- you need to use the Session Wizard to make your changes permanent.

Window resizing

The wc3270 window should not be resized or maximized. If you do this, the display may become distorted until you return the window to its correct dimensions.

If you want the wc3270 window to use a bigger or smaller font, you can change this using an option in the Session Wizard.

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