Visible control characters

Normally, 3270 start field characters are displayed as blanks. For debugging purposes, these characters can be made visible.

wx3270 with visible control characters


Control characters within a field are displayed using the host-specified field colors with an underline:

Code Meaning
< EBCDIC SO (X'0E', shift to DBCS)
> EBCDIC SI (X'0F', shift to SBCS)

Start Field characters are underlined, yellow, and on wc3270, in reverse video, using special codes:

Code Visible Protected Highlighted Selectable Numeric Modified
0 Visible
1 Visible Modified
2 Visible Selectable
3 Visible Selectable Modified
4 Visible Highlighted Selectable
5 Visible Highlighted Selectable Modified
7 Modified
8 Visible Numeric
9 Visible Numeric Modified
A Visible Selectable Numeric
B Visible Selectable Numeric Modified
C Visible Highlighted Selectable Numeric
D Visible Highlighted Selectable Numeric Modified
E Numeric
F Numeric Modified
G Visible Protected
H Visible Protected Modified
I Visible Protected Selectable
J Visible Protected Selectable Modified
K Visible Protected Highlighted Selectable
L Visible Protected Highlighted Selectable Modified
M Protected
N Protected Modified
O Visible Protected Numeric
P Visible Protected Numeric Modified
Q Visible Protected Selectable Numeric
R Visible Protected Selectable Numeric Modified
S Visible Protected Highlighted Selectable Numeric
T Visible Protected Highlighted Selectable Numeric Modified
U Protected Numeric
V Protected Numeric Modified

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