traceFileSize resource

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Type Default Option: -tracefilesize
string 0 x3270 c3270 wc3270 s3270 b3270

If defined, specifies a limit on the size of trace files. If not defined, or defined as 0, there will be no limit.

The value is a number, followed by an optional suffix. If the suffix is K (e.g., 128K), the value will be multiplied by 1024. If the suffix is M, the value will be multiplied by (1024*1024).

The size limit enforced at operation boundaries, not per byte, so the actual file may grow slightly larger. When the file size exceeds the limit, the trace file will be renamed with a - appended and a new file started. E.g., if the trace file name is /tmp/trc, the previous trace file will be named /tmp/trc- and the new trace file will be /tmp/trc. (On Windows, the - is inserted ahead of the suffix, so trc.txt becomes trc-.txt). Only one 'previous' trace file is kept, so the maximum amount of space used by trace files is actually twice the value of traceFileSize.

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