TlsSubjectNames query

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The TlsSubjectNames query returns the set of subject names listed in the host's certificate. When TLS is in use, the name used to connect to the host must match one of these names, or the emulator will abort the session.

See the SubjectNames() action for a simple way to make use of this query.

Return values

The TlsSubjectNames query returns a list of names, one per line. The first entry is the Common Name listed in the certificate's Subject entry. Subsequent entries, if any, come from the Alternate Names entry.

An entry containing an asterisk * character is a wild-card; any value will match it. But note that wild-card entries cannot be used as an acceptHostname.


x3270> show TlsSubjectNames

Version history

TlsSubjectNames was added in x3270 4.1.