setting indication

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A b3270 protocol message that indicates the initial or changed value of a setting (resource).

Attribute/Member Always present? Type Purpose
name yes string Setting name
value no varies Setting value (if missing, new value is empty)
cause yes string Cause of the setting change

Examples (XML)

<setting name="altCursor" value="true" cause="keymap"/>
<setting name="printerLu" value="POOL27" cause="ui"/>
<setting name="printerLu" cause="ui"/>

Examples (JSON)

New in 4.2

{ "setting": { "name": "altCursor", "value": true, "cause": "keymap" } }
{ "setting": { "name": "printerLu", "value": "POOL27", "cause": "ui" } }
{ "setting": { "name": "printerLu", "cause": "ui" } }