secure resource

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Type Default Option: -secure sets to true
Boolean false x3270 c3270 wc3270

When true, the emulator will prevent users from executing arbitrary commands from within the program.

In particular, the in x3270 the x3270 prompt option on the File menu is disabled, as are the pop-ups which allow editing the commands for Print Screen Text and Print Window Bitmap options, and the disconnectClear resource is forced to true.

In c3270 and wc3270, the c3270 prompt is disabled, as well as menu options for tracing and file transfer. Note that when secure is true, c3270 must either be started specifying a host on the command line or in the session file, or a remote source (HTTP server or script port) must be used to open a host connection.

See the noOther resource and suppressActions resource for additional security options.