screen-mode indication

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A b3270 protocol message that indicates new screen dimensions and characteristics. This is reported at initialization time, and any time these parameters change, which can only happen when disconnected.

Attribute/Member Always present? Type Purpose
model yes number 3270 model number
rows yes number Number or rows
cols yes number Number of columns
color yes Boolean true if emulating a 3279, false for a 3278
oversize yes Boolean true if rows and/or columns exceed the default dimensions for the 3270 model
extended yes Boolean true if extended data stream is in effect

If color is true, b3270 will report the screen contents with specific colors. If color is false, the screen will be reported without color information.

Example (XML)

<screen-mode model="2" rows="24" cols="80" color="true" oversize="false"/>

Example (JSON)

New in 4.2

{ "screen-mode": { "model": 2, "rows": 24, "cols": 80, "color": true, "oversize": false } }