run-result indication

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A b3270 protocol message that indicates completion of a run operation.

Attribute/Member Always present? Type Purpose
r-tag no string Tag supplied to the run operation, if any
success yes Boolean true or false
text no XML: string
JSON: array(string)
result text or error message
abort no Boolean true or false
time yes number execution time in seconds (with a decimal fraction)

Text may span multiple lines. In XML, they are separated by &#10 (newline) characters. In JSON, each line is an element of an array.

If abort is true, the operation was aborted, and all associated resources should be cleaned up.

Example (XML)

<run-result r-tag="ui-432" success="true" text="well done&#10;really" time="0.001"/>

Example (JSON)

New in 4.2

{ "run-result': { "r-tag": "ui-432", "success": true, "text": [ "well done", "really" ], "time": 0.001 } }