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Known issues

  • Underlined invisible fields are rendered with underlines. Bug report
  • Reverse video fields are rendered incorrectly. Bug report
  • Verified TLS sessions are reported with inverted status. Bug report
  • The scroll wheel on the mouse still scrolls the screen even if the scroll bar is disabled. Bug report
  • wx3270 will crash if the View Codes button is pressed when the Visible Control Characters window is already displayed. Bug report
  • In the Connection Editor, the Accept hostname cannot contain period ('.') characters, which prevents a fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) from being specified. Bug report
  • wx3270 will crash on startup if the folder containing the default profile is not writeable. Bug report
  • The glyphs for U+2206 (∆) and U+2207 (∇) are swapped in the 3270 font. Bug report
  • Send-mode file transfers on TLS-encrypted sessions with a buffer size of 16309 bytes or greater will likely result in a b3270 back-end crash with a status of 0xC0000374 or 0xC0000005. This is reported by wx3270 either as a Back-end process exited or a Caught exception while processing back-end message fatal error. Bug report
  • Per-connection window titles are lost when an automatic-reconnect session disconnects. Bug report


  • All of the improvements in b3270 4.2ga5.
  • Added some automated tests.
  • Added the uSnapScreen() action.
  • Added more vertical white space to the 3270 font, for readability.

Bug fixes


  • Removed the right-to-left keyboard mappings from the default keymap. These are in a separate keymap (and have been for a while).
  • All of the bug fixes in b3270 4.2ga5.



  • wx3270 no longer crashes when a file transfer is initiated. This happened only if the computer's culture was set to something other than U.S. English (en-US) or French (anything beginning with fr-).
  • If a culture is specified on the command line, it is now propagated to new windows.


See also

Release Notes/suite3270/4.2ga4 (included in this release)

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Release date

4. September 2022