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Known issues

  • None.



  • All improvements in b3270 4.1ga11.
  • Improved start-up speed by removing unnecessary localization logic.
  • Included 'x3270is' in the scripting DLL description in the installer.
  • Added a keyboard mapping for Alt-F4 to exit the emulator.
  • Updated the 3270 font with missing APL characters (Windows would do substitutions, but many were the wrong size), plus proper box-drawing characters.


  • The copyright message, label on the START button Wx3270-start-button.png, and keypad button labels are now localized.
  • If the -noborder command-line option is specified, the snap button Wx3270-snap-button.png is omitted from the menu bar.
  • The Disconnect restriction was added to prevent users from disconnecting from the host.
  • If there are no macros defined and restrictions prohibit adding more, the macros button Wx3270-macros-button.png is omitted from the menu bar.
  • If there is an auto-reconnect host in the profile and restrictions prohibit switching profiles or hosts and disconnecting from a host, the profile button Wx3270-profile-button.png is omitted from the menu bar.
  • If there is an auto-reconnect host in the profile and restrictions prohibit disconnecting, the connect button Wx3270-connect-button.png is omitted from the menu bar.
  • Numerous graphical elements were expanded and/or made to resize automatically to accommodate localization.
  • French localization is now supported. Profound thanks to Laurent Mortézaï for doing the translation and patiently helping work through many localization issues and misses.
  • The -nobuttons command-line option was added to completely remove the menu bar from the main window.
  • The scroll bar can be turned on and off from the settings window.


  • Removed annoying pop-ups when opening a read-only profile and when explicitly disconnecting from a host.
  • When a hostname is specified on the command line, a corresponding connection will be automatically added to the current profile if needed.
  • Macro definitions are now imported from wc3270 session files.
  • Word selections in NVT mode now wrap lines if the displayed text wrapped.
  • Double clicking on a URL will open it in a browser.
  • The profile folder is no longer marked as a system file, so backup software will not skip it.
  • There is now a macro recorder.
  • New restrictions have been added: ChangeSettings, GetHelp and Printing.
  • The -noborder command-line option has been added.
  • TLS session information is now included on the status display.



  • User-interface tracing is now configurable from the command-line (via the -uitrace command-line option) and from the Actions window. The traces now appear in the same file as back-end (b3270) traces, rather than requiring a console.
  • More internal crashes are caught and displayed with pop-up windows, instead of failing silently.

Bug fixes


  • All bug fixes in b3270 4.1ga12.
  • Fixed an intermittent start-up crash.


  • All bug fixes in b3270 4.1ga11.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a profile across a broken profile in the profiles window.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to display a Unicode character U+10000 or above. These code points are still not available, but now display as an 'unknown' glyph.


  • Transient states are displayed again in the Operator Information Area during connection negotiation.
  • All UI trace options are no longer set when tracing is turned on for the back end.
  • Font size changes were not being ignored while the window was maximized.
  • Failed reconnections can now be canceled.
  • Fixed an issue with fields in the Operator Information Area sometimes overflowing.


  • If a macro was modified in the macros window, the old definition would still be used by the macros menu.
  • The no-TELNET input mode settings in the Connection Editor would come up in the wrong state when editing an existing entry.
  • The uConnect() action would hang if the connection succeeded.
  • After a host connection was copied from one profile to another, attempting to edit it would crash wx3270.
  • When a new element was added to the profile tree, it would sometimes appear in the wrong location.
  • Keymap entries that use the Alt or Ctrl modifier would unintentionally affect data entered with the AltGr key.


  • The app did not run well on a scaled high-resolution display.
  • Turning on screen tracing to the printer did not bring up a printer selection dialog.
  • The screen tracing options on the actions dialog did not always sync properly with the actual screen tracing state.


  • The app crashed on initialization if the en-US culture was not installed.


  • When there was no sound driver available, wx3270 crashed when it attempted to play a sound.
  • Screen updates are considerably faster.
  • The field attributes for underlined fields are no longer displayed with underlines.
  • The mouse-over for the Settings button on the main screen no longer says "Options".
  • The cursor no longer moves when selecting text with the mouse.
  • NVT mode selections are now continuous, rather than rectangular.

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23. February 2022