Release Notes/wx3270/1.0ga8

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Known issues

  • The emulator sometimes crashes on start-up with a null pointer exception.


  • All improvements in b3270 4.1ga11.
  • Improved start-up speed by removing unnecessary localization logic.
  • Included 'x3270is' in the scripting DLL description in the installer.
  • Added a keyboard mapping for Alt-F4 to exit the emulator.
  • Updated the 3270 font with missing APL characters (Windows would do substitutions, but many were the wrong size), plus proper box-drawing characters.

Bug fixes

  • All bug fixes in b3270 4.1ga11.
  • Fixed a crash when dragging a profile across a broken profile in the profiles window.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to display a Unicode character U+10000 or above. These code points are still not available, but now display as an 'unknown' glyph.

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Release date

30. December 2021