Release Notes/wx3270/1.0alpha5

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Known issues

  • None.


  • Removed annoying pop-ups when opening a read-only profile and when explicitly disconnecting from a host.
  • When a hostname is specified on the command line, a corresponding host connection will be automatically added to the current profile if needed.
  • Macro definitions are now imported from wc3270 session files.
  • Word selections in NVT mode now wrap lines if the displayed text wrapped.
  • Double clicking on a URL will open it in a browser.
  • The profile folder is no longer marked as a system file, so backup software will not skip it.

Bug fixes

  • If a macro was modified in the macros window, the old definition would still be used by the macros menu.
  • The no-TELNET input mode settings in the Connection Editor would come up in the wrong state when editing an existing entry.
  • The uConnect() action would hang if the connection succeeded.
  • After a host connection was copied from one profile to another, attempting to edit it would crash wx3270.
  • When a new element was added to the profile tree, it would sometimes appear in the wrong location.
  • Keymap entries that use the Alt or Ctrl modifier would unintentionally affect data entered with the AltGr key.

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Release date

Not released yet.