Release Notes/wx3270/1.0alpha4

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Known issues

  • If a macro is modified in the macros window, the old definition will still be used by the macros menu. A workaround is to switch profiles, and then switch back.
  • The no-TELNET input mode settings in the Connection Editor come up in the wrong state when editing an existing entry.
  • The uConnect() action hangs if the connection succeeds.
  • After a host connection is copied from one profile to another, attempting to edit it will crash wx3270.
  • When a new element is added to the profile tree, it will sometimes appear in the wrong location.
  • Keymap entries that use the Alt or Ctrl modifier can unintentionally affect data entered with the AltGr key.


Bug fixes

  • The app did not run well on a scaled high-resolution display.
  • Turning on screen tracing to the printer did not bring up a printer selection dialog.
  • The screen tracing options on the actions dialog did not always sync properly with the actual screen tracing state.

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Release date

17. October 2020