Release Notes/wx3270/1.0alpha2

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Known issues

  • The app crashes on initialization if the en-US culture is not installed.


  • User-interface tracing is now configurable from the command-line (via the -uitrace command-line option) and from the Actions window. The traces now appear in the same file as back-end (b3270) traces, rather than requiring a console.
  • More internal crashes are caught and displayed with pop-up windows, instead of failing silently.

Bug fixes

  • When there was no sound driver available, wx3270 crashed when it attempted to play a sound.
  • Screen updates are considerably faster.
  • The field attributes for underlined fields are no longer displayed with underlines.
  • The mouse-over for the Settings button on the main screen no longer says "Options".
  • The cursor no longer moves when selecting text with the mouse.
  • NVT mode selections are now continuous, rather than rectangular.

See also

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Release date

2. October 2020