Release Notes/suite3270/4.3ga5

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Known issues

  • Resizing or maximizing the wc3270 window makes bad things happen. Please do not do this.
  • Setting the metaEscape resource will cause a crash.
  • The Set(-defer) action will cause a crash when a deferred setting is empty.
  • The implementation of the contention-resolution draft is wrong -- the keyboard still unlocks too early.






  • The x3270 Color scheme menu option has been renamed 3279 color scheme, since it only applies to 3279 mode. The green-screen color scheme option has been removed, though the resource behind it (x3270.colorScheme.GreenScreen) remains. The default 3279 color scheme now has a grey10 background to make it easier to see with minimal window frames.
  • The confDir resource, where the ibm_hosts file is found, can now be displayed by the Set() action.
  • Added Alt-e to the default wc3270 keymap and Ctrl-a, f to the c3270 default keymap for the EraseEOF() action. This is needed because Windows no longer passes the END key to console applications.
  • Added the ability to save printer output to a file in a particular directory, either by specifying the directory path as the printer name (on Windows) or by specifying the new prtodir command as the printing command (on POSIX).
  • Added support for growing or shrinking the x3270 emulator font using Ctrl-+ and Ctrl--.
  • Added the IBM 3270 fonts from Ricardo Bánffy to the wc3270 installation and added the ability to specify fonts in the wc3270 Session Wizard.
  • Changed the default behavior of the terminal type reported in TN3270 mode for 3279 models 4 and 5. Previous versions reported these as IBM-3279-4-E and IBM-3279-5-E respectively; now they are reported as IBM-3278-4-E and IBM-3278-5-E because the other names are often not recognized by hosts. To restore the previous behavior, set the wrongTerminalName resource to true. (Note that the model resource still refers to these models as 3279-4-E and 3279-5-E; this only changes what is reported to the host.)
  • Changed the default library for TLS on macOS to OpenSSL, because Secure Transport has been deprecated and does not support anything newer than TLS 1.2.
  • Added a summary of warnings to the end of the output from the ./configure script.
  • Added a Python-based test target (documentation coming soon).
  • Added a BUILDCC variable to the ./configure script, to facilitate cross-compilation. (Original suggested patch by Thorsten Otto.)
  • The code can now be built on POSIX without the <langinfo.h> header file or the nl_langinfo() library function being present. It will guess the codeset (encoding) from the LC_CTYPE or LANG environment variable if present, or default to ASCII if neither is present or the value is not defined as locale.encoding. (Original suggested patch by Thorsten Otto.)

Bug fixes


  • Fixed a number of Visual Studio build issues.
  • Fixed issues with installing the prtodir script and simplified its shebang rule. (Bug report)
  • Removed the transient disconnect indication when automatically reconnecting to a host.
  • Fixed an issue with the String() action when a \U constant was greater than 255. (Bug report)


  • When a font is specified in the wc3270 Session Wizard, it is now actually updated in the desktop shortcut.
  • Multiple invocations of the Script() or Prompt() actions no longer lead to environment corruption.
  • When command-line options are given to the Transfer() action at the c3270> prompt, the host session is now resumed so the progress of the transfer can be monitored.
  • Several missing actions were added to c3270 help.


  • When there is an error making a connection in s3270, the error message is no longer output on two lines. (Bug report)


  • When using a printer session and TLS, the printer session no longer fails with a host certificate validation error.
  • When inserting in blank fill mode, trailing underscores are no longer consumed, unless they are at the end of the field. (Bug report)

Release date

18. February 2024