Release Notes/suite3270/4.3alpha1

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Known issues

  • Resizing or maximizing the wc3270 window makes bad things happen. Please do not do this.


  • The x3270 Color scheme menu option has been renamed 3279 color scheme, since it only applies to 3279 mode. The green-screen color scheme option has been removed, though the resource behind it (x3270.colorScheme.GreenScreen) remains. The default 3279 color scheme now has a grey10 background to make it easier to see with minimal window frames.
  • The confDir resource, where the ibm_hosts file is found, can now be displayed by the Set() action.
  • Added Alt-e to the default wc3270 keymap and Ctrl-a, f to the c3270 default keymap for the EraseEOF() action. This is needed because Windows no longer passes the END key to console applications.

Bug fixes

  • None.

Release date

Not released yet.