Release Notes/suite3270/4.2ga5

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Known issues

  • Resizing or maximizing the wc3270 window makes bad things happen. Please do not do this.
  • Underlined invisible fields are rendered with underlines in b3270. Bug report
  • Reverse video fields are rendered incorrectly in b3270. Bug report
  • Verified TLS sessions are reported with inverted status in b3270. Bug report
  • Send-mode file transfers on TLS-encrypted sessions with a buffer size of 16309 bytes or greater on Windows will likely result in a crash with a status of 0xC0000374 or 0xC0000005. Bug report



  • Added Alt-e to the default wc3270 keymap and Ctrl-a, f to the c3270 default keymap for the EraseEOF() action. This is needed because Windows no longer passes the END key to console applications.


  • Unified the two ways of running Windows tests under the script.
  • If the host sends a TELNET WONT TN3270E (even if it has never sent WILL TN3270E) and the emulator is in TN3270E mode, the emulator will cancel TN3270E mode and send WONT TN3270E. This is not listed as a bug fix because it is a workaround for a bug on the host side, which should be sending DONT TN3270E.
  • Added the retry resource to retry host connections, even if the reconnect resource is not set to true.
  • Added more validations for bad host writes and pop-ups to report them.



Bug fixes


  • Numeric fields now allow the + and - characters to be entered. (Thanks to Roberto Ponti for the report and suggested fix.)
  • The emulator will no longer crash if the -port command-line option is used.
  • The command-line syntax -set resource=value works properly on x3270.
  • The -e command-line option to connect to a local process now works properly on x3270.
  • Cross-compiles using recent versions of MinGW no longer generate warnings about printf formats.



  • Fixed a c3270 crash when a connection is opened from a remote source (HTTP server or script port) while at the c3270> prompt.
  • Fixed a c3270 crash when the -secure and -trace command-line options are used together.
  • A key typed into a full field in insert mode no longer overwrites the character under the cursor.


See also

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Release date

4. September 2022