Release Notes/suite3270/4.1ga12

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Known issues

  • When input from the String() action overflows a field, the cursor can end up in the wrong location.
  • When a host has multiple addresses, the emulators will often fail to try more than one of them.
  • Errors from the OpenSSL library are often displayed incorrectly.
  • When a connection fails to a TLS tunnel host (one specified with the L: prefix), a cryptic TLS error is displayed instead of the connection error.
  • c3270 may crash if a connection is opened from a remote source (HTTP server or script port) while at the c3270> prompt.
  • c3270 will crash if the -secure and -trace command-line options are used together.
  • When a key is typed into a full field in insert mode, the keyboard will lock as expected, but the key will overwrite character under the cursor.


  • None.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an s3270 issue where error messages from the Wait() action implicitly run after connecting to a host specified on the command line or in a session file, are displayed on standard output. (Standard output should contain only results from actions received on standard input.)
  • Fixed a crash in the HTTP server.
  • Fixed automatic dependency generation.
  • Fixed an issue where x3270 would draw certain characters in NVT mode, such as - and \, incorrectly unless the 14-point 3270 font was used.
  • Fixed an issue where the bottom of the screen buffer might become corrupted when using oversize or resizing the screen.

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Release date

22. February 2022