Release Notes/suite3270/4.1ga11

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Known issues

  • Resizing or maximizing the wc3270 window makes very bad things happen. Please do not do this.
  • s3270 will sometimes display error messages, generated from the Wait() action implicitly run after connecting to a host specified on the command line or in a session file, on standard output. (Standard output should contain only results from actions received on standard input.)
  • The HTTP server may crash on Windows.
  • Automatic dependency generation is incomplete.
  • x3270 draws certain characters in NVT mode (such as - and \) incorrectly unless the 14-point 3270 font was used.
  • The bottom of the screen buffer might become corrupted when using oversize or resizing the screen.


Bug fixes

  • Corrected an issue where an empty error message would be displayed for a connection failure.
  • Corrected a typo in a file transfer message name (courtesy of Philipp Kern).
  • Added logic to ensure the icon directory exists when installing x3270 on Linux (courtesy of Philipp Kern).
  • Fixed the representation of APL underlined alphabetics in b3270 screen updates in NVT mode, and in the output of the Ascii() action.
  • Fixed a crash when an action started with a comment (# or !).
  • Fixed a version generation bug that prevented the code from building on macOS when SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH was set.
  • Corrected usage messages.

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Release date

19. December 2021