Release Notes/suite3270/4.0ga12

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Known issues

  • The PrintText() action is confused by the use of the gdi keyword and a printer name.
  • The ScreenTrace() action implements the dialog keyword incorrectly.
  • x3270 crashes if a font is present locally but not in the font path.
  • On NetBSD, c3270 crashes when connecting to the host.
  • On NetBSD, c3270 may exit prematurely, such as when breaking to the c3270> prompt.
  • x3270 attempts to install the x3270a script as a program rather than as a script.
  • c3270 is sometimes omitted from the ./configure output.
  • c3270 sometimes leaves the cursor disabled when it exits.


Bug fixes

  • b3270 incorrectly displayed field attributes with the underlined attribute as underlined.
  • In TELNET line mode, the cursor did not wrap around to the previous line when backspacing.
  • Multi-line input was not handled correctly when pasting in NVT mode.
  • TLS I/O on macOS would sometimes fail with the error: TLS: SSLRead -9803: I/O would block (not fatal).
  • The emulator did not think there was an input field present if the cursor was at row 1, column 1, even for a CICS host (C: prefix).
  • Login macros in the ibm_hosts file were ignored.

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Release date

26. September 2020