Release Notes/suite3270/4.0ga11

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Known issues

  • b3270 incorrectly displays field attributes with the underlined attribute as underlined.
  • In TELNET line mode, the cursor does not wrap around to the previous line when backspacing.
  • Multi-line input is not handled correctly when pasting in NVT mode.
  • TLS I/O on macOS sometimes fails with the error: TLS: SSLRead -9803: I/O would block (not fatal).
  • The emulator does not think there is an input field present if the cursor is at row 1, column 1, even for a CICS host (C: prefix).
  • Login macros in the ibm_hosts file are ignored.


  • None.

Bug fixes

  • The numericLock resource was implemented incorrectly. If set to false, the numeric field attribute was simply ignored.
  • If the timer in the OIA had started running after an AID was sent to the host, it continued ticking even after Reset() had been used to clear the wait condition.
  • wc3270 desktop shortcuts are now actually, honestly, really created correctly on Windows 10. The Enable Ctrl key shortcuts option is no longer set on the Windows Console, which allows wc3270's Cut(), Copy() and Paste() actions to work properly, and stops F11 from switching to full-screen mode. This fix applies to newly-created shortcuts, and shortcuts that are re-created with the 4.0ga11 Session Wizard.

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Release date

17. August 2020