Release Notes/suite3270/4.0ga10

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Known issues

  • The numericLock resource is implemented incorrectly. If set to false, the numeric field attribute is simply ignored.
  • If the timer in the OIA has started running after an AID is sent to the host, it continues ticking even after Reset() has been used to clear the wait condition.
  • wc3270 desktop shortcuts are still created incorrectly on Windows 10. The Enable Ctrl key shortcuts option is still set on the Windows Console, which prevents wc3270's Cut(), Copy() and Paste() actions from working properly.


Bug fixes

  • The wc3270 window would not close when the host disconnects (if the host was specified on the command line or in a session file).
  • On Linux and other OpenSSL-based systems, TLS client certificates did not work.
  • The -reconnect command-line option caused x3270 crashes.
  • Proxy connections did not time out. That is, if the proxy server accepted the connection but did not respond, the session would stall.
  • pr3287 proxy did not work.
  • The wc3270 Session Wizard had no direct way to set the username or password for proxies.
  • The combination of Proxy and TLS did not work.
  • Stopped reporting s3270 as ws3270, b3270 as wb3270, and pr3287 as wpr3287 in the version query.
  • When a newline (\n) was included in the loginMacro resource value, it was ignored. Similarly, when the String() action included a newline in an x3270 keymap, it was ignored.
  • In wc3270 auto-shortcut mode, any extra command-line options originally passed to wc3270 were ignored.
  • wc3270 session files had to be in the current directory.
  • On later releases of Windows 10, wc3270 desktop shortcuts were created with the Enable Ctrl key shortcuts option set on the Windows Console, which prevented wc3270's normal Cut(), Copy() and Paste() actions from working properly.

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Release date

25. July 2020