Release Notes/suite3270/4.0beta8

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  • Redirected wc3270's html help to the Wiki. Added an online keyword to c3270/wc3270 Help(). Added a Help entry to the x3270 File menu. Removed the obsolete and misleading help files included with wc3270.
  • Split out the key mappings for right-to-left language support into their own x3270, wc3270 and c3270 keymaps, each called righttoleft.

Bug fixes

  • Allow any mono-spaced or constant-width font to be used for the main x3270 display.
  • In the ./configure script, the various --enable and --disable options now work correctly.
  • Fixed the base x3270 keymap so the BtnUp actions apply only to buttons 1 and 3.
  • Fixed an issue where insert mode and reverse-input mode were broken.
  • Added a workaround for XQuartz insisting on drawing a resize handle over the lower-right-hand corner of the x3270 window.
  • Ensured that CFLAGS is propagated properly from ./configure to the Makefiles.
  • Fixed a number of compiler warnings.
  • Added an explicit check for libexpat when configuring b3270.
  • Limited the scope of the keypadBackground resource to just the x3270 keypad.
  • Fixed the x3270 -title command-line option.
  • Modified the ./configure scripts to allow the -C (use cache) option to work.
  • Updated the x3270 APL keymap so that it does not break with Caps Lock set.

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Release date

21. May 2020