Release Notes/suite3270/4.0alpha4

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Bug fixes

  • Improved the error message display when the connection to a proxy server fails.
  • Corrected the output of Query(TerminalName query) when oversize is set.
  • Fixed a buffer overrun issue in x3270if.
  • Fixed copying (copy/paste) of UTF-8 characters in x3270.
  • Fixed the host field in the prompt string in the s3270 protocol.
  • Fixed redundant file generation in ./configure.
  • Restored the ScreenCurSize and ScreenMaxSize queries, marking them as deprecated rather than deleted.
  • The HTTP server now allows arbitrary strings of / characters in URIs.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate name resolutions.
  • Fixed a crash when reconnect is enabled and the host connection cannot be made.
  • Corrected the code page for Thai in the wc3270 session wizard.

See also

Release Notes/suite3270/4.0alpha3

Release date

25. January 2020