printer.luCommandLine resource

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Type Default Option
string varies

Note: This resource is for debug purposes only. To add optional parameters to the printer session command line, use the printer.options resource.

Defines the command to use to start a printer session, when associated with a specific LU. Within the string, the following substitutions are made:

The value of the printer.command resource (POSIX only)
The current host name
An option to pass the value of printer.codepage resource (Windows only)
The value of the printerLu resource
The value of the printer.options resource
The current session's proxy option (the proxy resource)
An option to pass the host code page
An option to pass the port of the sync socket
TLS-related options

The default value for POSIX is:

pr3287 -command %C% %R% %P% %V% %S% %O% %L%@%H%

The default value for Windows is:

pr3287.exe %R% %P% %V% %S% %I% %O% %L%@%H%