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pr3287 is an IBM 3287 printer emulator. It can be used in conjunction with one of the interactive terminal emulators to associate a printer with the login session, or it can run standalone to direct mainframe print jobs to a printer on a workstation. (On Windows, it is also called wpr3287.)

How do I configure and run it?

pr3287 is generally not run interactively. It is started automatically by the 3270 emulators (x3270/c3270/wc3270/wx3270/s3270/b3270) when they are configured with a printer session. It can also be run standalone as a daemon (POSIX) or service (Windows) to implement a remote printer.

pr3287 is configured via command-line options.


On Windows, pr3287 can only use printers that support simple data input. Simple data input means sending the printer a stream of unformatted text, rather than formatting the data graphically using GDI. Not all printers support this mode; for example, the Microsoft Print to PDF printer driver does not work with pr3287.

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