oia indication

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A b3270 protocol message that indicates a change the state of the Operator Information Area (OIA).

Attribute/Member Always present? Type Purpose
field yes string OIA field name
value no string Field value (if missing, field value is empty)
char no string Compose character (U+nnnn)
type no string Compose type (std or ge)
lu no string Printer session logical unit (LU) name

Field names are as follows.

Field Value type Purpose
compose Boolean Composite character in progress
insert Boolean Insert mode
lock string Keyboard is locked (see below)
lu string Host session logical unit (LU) name
not-undera Boolean Communication pending
printer-session Boolean Printer session active
reverse-input Boolean Reverse input mode
screentrace string Screen trace count
script Boolean Host command timer (minutes:seconds)
typeahead Boolean Keystrokes are buffered

Reasons for the keyboard to be locked are:

Lock value Meaning
deferred Time delay after host unlock
field Waiting for the host to format the screen
inhibit Awaiting Query Reply acknowledgment
minus Invalid SSCP-LU AID (-f indication)
not-connected No (or incomplete) host connection
oerr type Operator error (see below)
scrolled n Scrolled back n screens
syswait Awaiting AID completion (WAIT indication)
twait Awaiting AID completion (clock indication)
disabled Keyboard disabled by a script

Operator error types are:

Error type Meaning
dbcs Invalid DBCS operation
numeric Attempt to insert alpha data into a numeric field
overflow Attempt to insert into a full field
protected Attempt to modify a protected field

Example (XML)

<oia field="lock" value="oerr protected"/>

Example (JSON)

New in 4.2

{ "oia": { "field": "lock", "value": "oerr protected" } }