mono resource

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Type Default Option
Boolean false (see Note) -mono sets to true

If true, forces x3270 into X11 monochrome window mode. The display window and all pop-ups and menus are rendered with a single foreground color and a single background color (by default, black on white).

Note that X11 monochrome window mode is different from monochrome (3278) terminal emulation. To configure x3270 to emulate a green-screen IBM model 3278 terminal -- with the text properly displayed in green -- specify the value of the model resource as one of the models of 3278 (or just 3278, which defaults to 3278-4-E).

In X11 monochrome window mode, the foreground color can be changed with the foreground resource, and the background color can be changed with the background resource.


If x3270 detects a monochrome workstation display, it will automatically set mono to true.

If mono is set to true, it also forces monochrome (3278) terminal emulation, since there is no way to render 3279 colors.

This resource is primarily for testing purposes.