These resources define the keys used in NVT line mode. They control editing operations on the input buffer.

In these resources, the values can be a single character, representing that key, or a 2-character sequence starting with ^, which represents the Ctrl modifier key pressed with another key. E.g., ^C is the Ctrl modifier key pressed with the c key.

The string ^? is the Delete key.

Resource Default Operation Explanation
eof ^D end of file Send the input buffer to the host without adding a newline character
erase x3270: ^?
Others: ^H
erase Remove the previously-typed character
intr ^C interrupt Send a TELNET IP sequence
kill ^U kill Erase the input buffer
lnext ^V literal next Interpret the following character literally, even if it normally has a special meaning in line mode
quit ^\ quit Send the TELNET BREAK sequence
rprnt ^R reprint Redisplay the input buffer
werase ^W word erase Erase the last word in the input buffer