Quit() action

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Causes the emulator to terminate.

Unless the -force option is given (New in 4.0), the emulator will not terminate if Quit() is invoked from a keymap and there is a host session active.

The Exit() action is an alias for Quit().

Note that starting with tcl3270 4.1, the Quit() action is implemented directly in tcl3270 itself, rather than being sent to the s3270 backend.


Forces termination unconditionally. New in 4.0


Terminate the emulator.


Terminate the emulator unconditionally. New in 4.0


Default keymap

x3270 c3270 wc3270 wx3270
Alt-q Ctrl-a + q Alt-q Alt-q

how to read keymap tables


Earlier versions of the emulators used the plain Quit() action in the default keymap. Starting with 1.0ga8 (wx3270) and 4.3beta2 (x3270, c3270 and wc3270) this changed to Quit(-force).