Curses color

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c3270 uses the curses library to display text on the screen. Several c3270 resources have a curses color name as a value.

c3270 allows these colors to be specified by name or by numeric value. The names and values are:

Name Value
black 0
red 1
green 2
yellow 3
blue 4
magenta 5
cyan 6
white 7
intensified-black 8
intensified-red 9
intensified-green 10
intensified-yellow 11
intensified-blue 12
intensified-magenta 13
intensified-cyan 14
intensified-white 15

Note that when the terminal supports only 8 colors, colors with values from 8 through 15 can still be used. They will be mapped to the first 8 colors, with the Bold attribute added.

Version history

The intensified colors were added in c3270 4.0.