console resource

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Type Default Option

Overrides the default console emulator program used for the x3270> prompt and the trace monitor window.

The value can take two forms. If it is just a keyword, it is the name of a well-known console: gnome-terminal, konsole, xfce4-terminal or xterm.

If the value includes a space, it defines a console program. Within the string, two substitutions are made:

Replaced by the window title.
Replaced by the command to execute in the window. This must be the last part of the string, and is mandatory.

If this resource is not defined, the default behavior is to search for the above list of console emulators, in order, and to run the first one found.



gnome-terminal --title %T% -- %C%


xterm -title %T% -sb -tn xterm-256color -rv -e %C%

Version history

Added in x3270 4.0.