connection indication

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A connection indication is a b3270 protocol message that indicates the host connection has changed state. It appears nested within (XML) or as an element of (JSON) the initialize indication, or can appear independently later.

Attribute/Member Always present? Type Purpose
state yes string New connection state (see below)
host no string Host name, if connected
cause no string Source of the connection

Connection states are listed here.

State Meaning
not-connected No connection
reconnecting Delay before automatic reconnection
resolving Resolving host name to address
tcp-pending TCP connection pending
tls-pending TLS negotiation in progress
proxy-pending Proxy negotiation in progress
telnet-pending TELNET negotiation in progress
connected-nvt TN3270 NVT line mode
connected-nvt-charmode TN3270 NVT character mode
connected-3270 TN3270 3270 mode
connected-unbound TN3270E unbound mode
connected-e-nvt TN3270E NVT mode
connected-e-sscp TN3270E SSCP-LU mode
connected-e-tn3270e TN3270E 3270 mode

Example (XML)

<connection state="connected-tn3270e" host="" cause="ui"/>

Example (JSON)

New in 4.2

{ "connection": { "state": "connected-tn3270e", "host": "", "cause": "ui" } }