composeMap resource

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Type Default Option
string latin1

The composeMap gives the name of the default compose map. The emulator then looks for a resource named for the actual compose map definition.


A compose map is a multi-line resource. Each line has the format:

key1 + key2 = key3

key1 and key2 are the two keys to combine (the keys pressed after the key mapped to the Compose() action). key3 is the resulting composed key that will actually be input.

The order of key1 and key2 does not matter.


There are two compose maps compiled into the code. First, composeMap.latin1 is the default:

First key First key Composed key
c bar cent ¢
c slash cent ¢
L minus sterling £
Y equal yen ¥
S S section §
C O copyright ©
a underscore ordfeminine ª
less less guillemotleft «
R O registered ®
plus minus plusminus ±
o underscore masculine º
greater greater guillemotright »
1 4 onequarter ¼
1 2 onehalf ½
3 4 threequarters ¾
bar bar brokenbar ¦
A grave Agrave À
A apostrophe Aacute Á
A asciicircum Acircumflex Â
A asciitilde Atilde Ã
A quotedbl Adiaeresis Ä
A asterisk Aring Å
C comma Ccedilla Ç
C apostrophe Ccedilla Ç
E grave Egrave È
E apostrophe Eacute É
E asciicircum Ecircumflex Ê
E quotedbl Ediaeresis Ë
I grave Igrave Ì
I apostrophe Iacute Í
I asciicircum Icircumflex Î
I quotedbl Idiaeresis Ï
N asciitilde Ntilde Ñ
O grave Ograve Ò
O apostrophe Oacute Ó
O asciicircum Ocircumflex Ô
O quotedbl Odiaeresis Ö
O slash Ooblique Ø
U grave Ugrave Ù
U apostrophe Uacute Ú
U asciicircum Ucircumflex Û
U quotedbl Udiaeresis Ü
Y apostrophe Yacute Ý
s s ssharp ß
a grave agrave à
a apostrophe aacute á
a asciicircum acircumflex â
a asciitilde atilde ã
a quotedbl adiaeresis ä
a asterisk aring å
a e ae æ
c comma ccedilla ç
c apostrophe ccedilla ç
e grave egrave è
E apostrophe eacute é
E asciicircum ecircumflex ê
E quotedbl ediaeresis ë
i grave igrave ì
i apostrophe iacute í
i asciicircum icircumflex î
i quotedbl idiaeresis ï
n asciitilde ntilde ñ
o grave ograve ò
o apostrophe oacute ó
o asciicircum ocircumflex ô
o quotedbl odiaeresis ö
o slash ooblique ø
u grave ugrave ù
u apostrophe uacute ú
u asciicircum ucircumflex û
u quotedbl udiaeresis ü
y apostrophe yacute ý
y quotedbl ydiaeresis ÿ

Second, composeMap.apl is defined for x3270 only.


x3270.composeMap.example: \
 u + quotedbl    = udiaeresis\n\
 y + apostrophe  = yacute\n\
 y + quotedbl    = ydiaeresis