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Type Default option
string default

The colorScheme resource specifies the 3279 color scheme to use at start-up. It applies only to 3279 mode. (To define the colors used for 3278 mode, use the normalColor, boldColor, inputColor and colorBackground resources.)

x3270 uses the value of x3270.colorScheme as a color scheme name and uses it to look up the value of the resource, which contains the definitions for the color scheme. So for example, if the value of x3270.colorScheme is foo, the color scheme is defined by the resource

Resource value

The value of a resource consists of 23 whitespace-separated values. The values are (starting from 0):

Field(s) Meaning
0-15 X11 color to use for host color n
16 X11 color to use if one of 0..15 cannot be allocated
17 X11 color to use as the default screen background
18 X11 color to use as the background for selected text
19 Host color (0..15) for unprotected, unhighlighted fields
20 Host color (0..15) for unprotected, highlighted fields
21 Host color (0..15) for protected, unhighlighted fields
22 Host color (0..15) for protected, highlighted fields


x3270.colorScheme.default: \
       grey10 dodgerBlue red magenta \
       lime cyan yellow white \
       darkSlateGrey blue3 orange purple \
       paleGreen2 paleTurquoise3 lightSlateGrey whiteSmoke \
       white grey10 dimGrey \
       4 2 1 15

Built-in color schemes

Name Purpose
default Default 3279 colors
reverse White background
GreenScreen Poorly simulated 3278
old-default Default color scheme prior to release 4.2
old-reverse 'reverse' from prior to release 4.2
bright Alias for 'default'
old-bright 'bright' from prior to release 4.2
cpe User-suggested color scheme from many years ago

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