CodePages query

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The CodePages query returns information about the code pages supported by the emulator.

Return value

Supported code pages are returned one per line. Each line has the format:

canonical-name sbcs|dbcs alias...
The canonical (standard) name of the code page. Generally this is cp followed by the code page number, except for the bracket code page.
The string sbcs if it is a single-byte character set and dbcs if it is a double-byte character set.
An alias that can also be used to specify the code page.


c3270> Query(CodePages)
cp037 sbcs cp37 us us-intl
cp273 sbcs german
cp275 sbcs brazilian
cp277 sbcs norwegian
cp278 sbcs finnish swedish
cp280 sbcs italian
cp284 sbcs spanish

Version history

Added to x3270 4.0 in 2020.