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c3270 color display depends on the underlying capabilities of the terminal it is running on. If the terminal supports at least 8 colors, c3270 should be able to display 3279 colors on it.

c3270 uses the curses library, so correct color rendering depends on the proper setting of the TERM environment variable and the proper configuration of the terminfo database.


c3270 colors are configured by resources.

The default curses colors used for rendering fields based on their attributes are as follows:

Protected Intensified Resource
Yes Yes cursesColorForProtectedIntensified resource
Yes No cursesColorForProtected resource
No Yes cursesColorForIntensified resource
No No cursesColorForDefault resource

The curses colors used for rendering host-specified colors are as follows:

Host color Resource Alternate Resource
Neutral Black cursesColorForHostColorNeutralBlack resource cursesColorForHostColor0 resource
Blue cursesColorForHostColorBlue resource cursesColorForHostColor1 resource
Red cursesColorForHostColorRed resource cursesColorForHostColor2 resource
Pink cursesColorForHostColorPink resource cursesColorForHostColor3 resource
Green cursesColorForHostColorGreen resource cursesColorForHostColor4 resource
Turquoise cursesColorForHostColorTurquoise resource cursesColorForHostColor5 resource
Yellow cursesColorForHostColorYellow resource cursesColorForHostColor6 resource
Neutral White cursesColorForHostColorNeutralWhite resource cursesColorForHostColor7 resource
Black cursesColorForHostColorBlack resource cursesColorForHostColor8 resource
Deep Blue cursesColorForHostColorDeepBlue resource cursesColorForHostColor9 resource
Orange cursesColorForHostColorOrange resource cursesColorForHostColor10 resource
Purple cursesColorForHostColorPurple resource cursesColorForHostColor11 resource
Pale Green cursesColorForHostColorPaleGreen resource cursesColorForHostColor12 resource
Pale Turquoise cursesColorForHostColorPaleTurquoise resource cursesColorForHostColor13 resource
Gray cursesColorForHostColorGray resource cursesColorForHostColor14 resource
White cursesColorForHostColorWhite resource cursesColorForHostColor15 resource